Search Engine Optimisation

80% of all active online users use search engines to locate, compare and qualify products and services.

Create a website for users, not for Google. Successful SEO is the lethal combination of consumer research & website development used to create an optimum experience for users during the early stages of the customer journey.

Why Invest in SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

87% of shoppers (for both online & offline businesses) now begin their search online.

Unlike most other advertising platforms (social media, TV, newspaper, etc), Google provides access to free, qualified prospects who are ready and looking to purchase unique products or services.

Purchase Intent

A successful SEO strategy ensures your business is easily found on Google when customers are researching & comparing businesses

Google's job is to ensure it delivers users the most relevant and accurate results for each search term.

Our job is to ensure this is you.

Proper SEO

Have you ever read website content that doesn't make sense?

Filling pages with large chunks of excess, incoherent information that tries to trick Google is not a good idea.

Content creation is a valid part of SEO, however no agency should convince you to prioritise robots over your real website users.

Our SEO Objectives

Drive organic traffic to your website
Increase brand awareness
Greater lead generation
Decreased CPC advertising
Decreased bounce-rate for website
Increase business revenue

Our SEO Process


In order to determine the right SEO strategy for your business & niche, we consult on the following:

  • Review of industry & niche
  • Your business goals & history
  • Key customer profiling
  • User journey
  • Customer pain points

We begin your SEO campaign with an audit & research:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analytics and reporting setup
  • Google Business listing optimisation
  • Current website content review
  • Social media audit (if applicable)

Just like a car service, we conduct an 18-point SEO optimisation check on your website, improving functionality, site health & site speed. 


This includes:

1. Optimisation of title tags
2. Optimisation of meta description tags
3. Optimisation of header tags
4. Optimisation of italics and bold tags
5. Analysis of non-index able attributes
6. Robots optimisation
7. Image analysis and optimisation of Alt & title tags
8. Optimisation of internal navigation/link structure
9. Page content optimisation
10. Check canonicalisation error
11. Optimisation of website URL redirection
12. Optimisation of sitemap.xml
13. Optimisation of page speed
14. Optimisation of external Links
15. Analysis of broken/dead links
16. URL optimisation
17. Optimising HTML code
18. Optimisation and analysis of hyperlinks

We continuously create unique & informative content for your website and external platforms that is tailored to the user and your business niche. We then disperse this content on your behalf in order to boost your website authority.

We help create and execute:

  • Additional content creation such as blogs & articles
  • Outreach for genuine local business listings
  • Outreach to relevant organisations

We provide our clients with comprehensive and transparent reporting each month.

This includes:

  • Results of the campaign
  • Work completed
  • Conversion tracking
  • Proposed future optimisation based on real analytics

Ready to get serious about SEO?

Consistency is Key

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