PPC Management

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Pay-per-click is an effective digital advertising model used to direct specified traffic to your website, ultimately converting the traffic to leads, sales or another defined goal.

The Facts:
  • Facebook is the world’s largest social network.
  • 74% of Facebook users visit the platform each day.
  • On average
  • users visit Facebook eight times each day
  • spending on average 20 minutes.
  • 96% of Facebook users access the platform from their mobile device.
  • 43% of users get their daily news from Facebook.

Measurable Results

The main advantage is that you only pay when an ad is clicked, no matter how many times it has been viewed.

We measure each metric from ad impression (when an ad is viewed) right through to conversion success rate.


Hyper-targeting is the ability to target highly specific audience segments with relevant content. 

Facebook offers the largest scope of targeting parameters of any digital platform. These extensive and desirable segmentation options are the reason the platform is considered so powerful.

We test, measure and optimise campaigns to ensure they resonate with the right customer segments relevant to your business goals.

Analysis of these results allows us to quickly and effectively narrow your advertising to ensure maximum return on your investment.


Hyper-Targeting Options For Facebook & Instagram


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Location
  • Relationship status
  • Occupation
  • Political views
  • Education

Life Events

  • Newly engaged
  • Newlywed
  • New relationship
  • New job
  • Upcoming anniversary
  • Upcoming birthday
  • Friends of [any life event]
  • Away from hometown
  • Away from family

User Interests

  • General interests
  • Pages liked
  • Related topics
  • Brands
  • Industry
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Reading
  • Events

Life Stage

  • Empty nesters
  • Grandparents
  • Students
  • First homeowner
  • Homeowner
  • New parents
  • Parents with early school age children
  • Parents with teenagers
  • Parents with adult childen

User Behaviour

  • Event creators
  • People have who attended events
  • Facebook page admins
  • Level of Facebook engagement
  • Purchase habits (online vs offline)
  • Device used
  • Operation system used
  • Early technology adopters
  • Late technology adopters


  • Users who have visited your site
  • Custom lists of emails
  • Custom lists phone numbers

Lookalike Audiences

  • Successfully converted users
  • Current website users
  • Specified email list
  • Specified phone number list

Our PPC Process

To adequately plan a strategy for your campaign, we need to take a holistic look into your business activities & define your goals.


Research & Audit:

  • Competitor research
  • Current website/landing page audit
  • Social profile audit
  • Definition of customer pain points & unique advantages
  • Key customer profiling


  • Plan for ad targeting and segmentation
  • A/B testing hypothesis
  • Ad spend calculator for revenue scaling
  • Definition of goals

Your campaign will include:

  • Ad Campaigns (specific products/services)
  • Ad Sets (specified ad targeting segments)
  • Individual Ads (A/B testing of content to determine effectiveness)

Throughout your campaign we actively review interaction, user journey & conversions to ensure we minimise cost per acquisition and maximise your return on investment.


Analysis of campaign:

  • Click through rates
  • User interaction
  • Conversion rates
  • A/B testing results
  • Device breakdown
  • Demographic review
  • Ad targeting success


Reporting & future campaign optimisation:

  • The above analysis will be provided in a report and used to create a new & improved campaign plan for the following period. 
  • We provide detailed, comprehensive monthly reporting and are available for discussion on all data points.

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