Meet The Creators - Jacques & Fayette

Both approaching our thirties, we are a couple of enthusiastic millennial digital marketers, with a keen eye for branding and strategy.

Our early experience was working in the fashion industry. Creating strong brands and eye catching campaigns.

We have worked in many roles and have been on the front-line from the early experimental stages of E-commerce, SEO and Social Media.

We have evolved, just like marketing has. From the sleazy sales focused industry it once was, to the sophisticated and measurable science of digital marketing.

We consider ourselves professionals in our field – digital marketing. We have put a lot of hours and hard work in over the years, therefore we value reputation above all else.

Unlike other marketing agencies, we are selective with the clients that we take on. Our clients are also professionals in their field. We are aware of how hard a reputation is to build and how easy they are to destroy.

Passion, Pride, Care & Attention To Detail defines See The Label.

Like Mad Men... But With The Times.

You’ll find us at the latest conferences or tuning in to the latest google keynotes. We are at the forefront of Digital Marketing. We know the trends and most importantly we know what doesn’t work.

We weren’t there for black and white television, but we have watched Mad Men and think we have a good grasp on what it was all about. Sales, Pitching, Persuading, Negotiating….. We might just have a better idea…

Together, Jacques, Fayette and the growing See the Label team will help answer any and all digital marketing questions you may have. Just try us.

Our Clients