PPC Management

Google Ads

Pay-per-click is an effective digital advertising model used to direct specified traffic to your website, ultimately converting the traffic to leads, sales or another defined goal.

Hyper-targeting allows us to target your ads to very specific audiences. Results are transparent, measurable & can optimised to scale revenue.

The Facts:
  • Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network.
  • Consumers exposed to display ads are 155% more likely to search for brand- and segment-specific terms.
  • 87% of shoppers (both online & offline) now begin their search online.
  • 72% of consumers prefer to find information on local merchants via search.
  • 29% of consumers search for local businesses at least every week.

Measurable Results

Results are transparent, easy to optimise & can be used to scale revenue.

The main advantage is that you only pay when an ad is clicked, no matter how many times it has been viewed.

We measure each metric from ad impression (when an ad is viewed) right through to conversion success rate.

Our PPC Process

No two businesses are the same, therefore no two campaigns should be the same. Before we set up your Ads Campaign we:

Research & Audit:

  • Competitor & key term research
  • Google Trends report
  • Current website/landing page audit
  • Definition of customer pain points & unique advantages

Define Your Goals:

  • A/B testing hypothesis
  • Segmentation/hyper-targeting
  • Set up ad spend calculator
  • Definition of goals

Your campaign will include:

  • Ad Campaign (product/service categories)
  • Ad Groups (individual products/services and generic industry search terms)
  • Individual ads (A/B testing of content to determine effectiveness)

Throughout your campaign we actively review search behaviour to ensure we minimise cost per acquisition and maximise your return on investment. This includes:

  • Search term review & negative keyword allocation.
  • Review all metrics & adjust your budget accordingly.
  • Review individual ad content including A/B test results to ensure we only continue showing favourable ads.
  • Suggestions & hypothesis for following month.

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