Email Marketing

A powerful way to communicate directly with your audience or customers in a highly personalised way.

Email Marketing Services

We offer a wide range of email marketing services, allowing you to send highly personalised messages to any device at the right time.

Emails can be triggered by a potential client’s behaviour, news about your brand or scheduled to send on specific occasions (like birthdays), delivering special offers to loyal customers.

Email marketing campaigns are extremely cost effective. Statistics from the industry estimate the average campaign provides an ROI of over $38 for every $1 spent, making email marketing services one of the greatest digital marketing investments.

Our email marketing service is designed to complement a complete digital strategy. The aim is to create a seamless customer journey for your business across all platforms.

Our Focus Points


Whether you are simply sharing information, or wanting your audience to take action online or offline, there should always be a purpose to an EDM campaign.


Mailboxes are cluttered, with most mail services now filtering out promotional emails. Clever use of content & design will ensure effectiveness of your campaign.

Call to Action.

This is more than just email open and click-through rates. All our campaigns are set up to track customer journey once a person is on your website.

Case Study.

The Client.

Prèface Cosmetic is the Hunter Valley’s own high-end facial cosmetic clinic specialising in lids, cheeks & chins.

The Goal.

The goal was to create awareness of the extensive range of natural techniques available to rejuvenate skin and collagen without the need for dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

The Outcome.

We established a quarterly newsletter-style campaign with highly informative content coming directly from Prèface Cosmetic’s specialist surgeon. This was combined with with regular blogs, information nights and special offers to engage their audience online & offline.

Take your campaign to the next level

Consistency is Key!

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