Branding & Identity Services

What is Branding?

Branding is the relationship, perception and connection between your business, your message and your customers.

Branding can be anything that gives your business its unique characteristics. Generally speaking you’ll be looking at tying together and developing the following:

Visuals, Language & Voice, Price, Values, Logo, Packaging, Colours, Fonts, Scent.


The Importance of branding

In the last decade, there’s been a major shift in the mediums which brands choose to reach out to consumers. What used to be shown in print and on TV, is now delivered online through social media and apps.

Something that is unlikely to ever change though, is the fundamental importance of a brand identity that resonates and aligns with your business. It’s all about remaining flexible in this ever-changing environment in order to stay relevant to your loyal customer.

We believe branding is the first and most important step for any marketing plan, campaign and business. Our branding & identity services go beyond designing a logo and colour palette. The process should be strategic, creative and perceptive.

If you get your branding right, you will be rewarded with high quality customer relationships who love, share and spread your message for free.

Our Branding Pillars


Why invest in branding?

The process of branding is about strategic direction. Big brands didn’t develop their brand identities by accident. Coca-Cola and Emirates pay millions of dollars to simply have their logos appear at sporting events.

Truly great brands create experiences. Coca-Cola is no longer about the soft drink in a can that you purchase at the shop. It’s about the experience of the brand. You’re drinking a Coke! We’re pretty sure Andy Warhol was the first to coin that one.

Brand Loyalty is a major factor in your branding & identity. The trust and relationship you build between your business and your customers is a long-term strategy. It will have the single biggest impact on your revenue.

Businesses are built and destroyed by their branding.


We are branding experts!

Our love for branding has grown from a decade in the fashion industry. Building brands in this highly competitive market, during the transition between traditional and digital marketing was when we realized that great and agile branding will prevail.

We offer in-house graphic design, which allows us to provide you with a strategic branding & identity solution. Start to finish.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools to grow your business and we believe this is the most important one you have.

Branding is real marketing!